Master in the EU funds and project leadership 

This is the most advanced level of education and training for the EU funding. From the overview of all funding sources and proposal writing, to project implementation and evaluation, participants will become the leading experts for the EU funding and develop a powerful network in the EU !

This is where the innovation leaders convene. Spend fantastic week in Brussels !  And learn the necessary steps to enable and empower yourself to realize the fullness of your potential ! Discover how to break free from the demands of your everyday business and transform your career into profitable and joyful adventure.

Master in H2020 project design and proposal writing  

Based on extensive experience with over 500 project’ models that our team developed during more than 15 years of work, upcoming training can transform your skill set to become professional proposal developer and multiply your personal income as well as the organisations/clients you are involved.

Training is tailor made for participants interests. Hence, you may develop your project initiatives with the leading authorities during the training and refine proposals into successful projects. Establish productive communication with relevant EU officials or find the best consortium leaders.

Master in EU project design and proposal writing 

Based on a data base of over 500 proposals for various EU funding programs ( H2020, IPA II stc..)  that our team developed,  you can master the best practices for project design. Refine your proposal writing skills and multiply your personal income as well as the organisations/clients you are involved. Examine successful project models, sub-evaluation criteria and get ready for open calls 2017-2018!  We shall focus on participants project proposals.

Project proposal writing assistance – Online

  • You can hire hands on assistance and experienced experts immediately online

If you are interested in professional assistance for project proposal writing or expert’s evaluation of your work, we have the largest pool of experienced proposal writers and assessors covering all thematic areas of the EU instruments.  Our team can offer you coaching and mentoring services during the process of project proposal writing or project implementation, which proved to be one of the most effective ways to thrive. Pre-evaluation of your proposal by senior experts costs €100 per day.